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Air Mantra Airlines


Air Mantra is a new airlines started on 7th August 2012. This airline will operate 4 north India airports initially and will spread its network to other airports in India. Air Mantra cusrrently operates from Amritsar to Chandigarh, Dharmshala and Jammu airports. There are small air carfts with a limited passangers capacity.

The airline will provide low cost travel to all customer and you can travel in a fare less than a taxi by air mantra. Currently there are daily fligts between Amritsar to Chandigarh and will start to Dharmshala and Jammu in mid of August 2012.

If you have a planned tip to any of these places, you can book advance tickets which starts from Rs.1000. Check in process in very simple and you can through within 30 minutes. For more details please conatct Air Mantra customer care or visit website.


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